Signs Of Heat Stress While Working On The Roof

Roofing contractors are at a particular risk for heat-related illnesses, especially during the summer when a roof can reach over 150 degrees on a hot, sunny day. Severe heat stress can be fatal, so take preventative measures and watch for signs of these three types of heat stress when working in high temperatures: Heat Cramps […]

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Easy Fixes For Common Fence Problems

Wood fences tend to take a beating over the years. Whether it’s from extreme humidity, extreme cold, sun, wind, rain, or any other type of weather, your fence will eventually need repair. Using lumber that has been treated and preserved is the best way to go to make your wood last longer, but it is […]

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Remove Stumps Fully To Avoid Future Problems

If you’re a homeowner who needs to have a tree removed from his or her yard, you know that calling a professional is the safe thing to do. Large trees, especially, can be very dangerous if not impossible to remove as a DIY project. But did you also know that removing the stump properly is […]

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