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When our family first moved into our home five years ago, the central heating and air unit were brand new. We never considered that there would be a time when it would not be operating as we wanted it to. When the time to buy a new unit came, we found that the available options were more diverse than we thought. It was all too confusing. After researching the different options, I decided to create this blog. My hope is that others who are faced with this decision can find easy-to-understand information that can aid in quickly making an informed decision.

What You Should Know About Marble Floor Tiles

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When you are going elegant in your home design, marble is one of the best materials to utilize. While many people think of using it for their countertops, did you know you can also have marble tile flooring? It is a beautiful and highly appealing type of flooring that screams sophistication. You can find marble flooring in different colors and finishes, depending on your home's style and décor preferences. Here is some important information about using marble floor tiles.

Pros of Marble Floor Tiles

Marble floor tiles are a great option for your home for many reasons. The benefits of marble tiles include:

  • Appearance – Marble has a unique, classy quality that no other material can mimic. It is beautiful and has a level of sophistication that is hard to beat.
  • Durability – Marble tile is also very durable. The investment you put into your marble flooring is going to be worth it since it lasts longer than less expensive flooring options.
  • Hypoallergenic – If you have family members with sensitive allergies, you are in luck because marble is a hypoallergenic material. You will not have any issues with illness as a result of your flooring.
  • Versatility – Unlike some other types of tiling, marble floor tiles can be installed in any room of your home. It is resistant to moisture and doesn't warp when it gets wet, so it can go in just about any room you want it in.

Cons of Marble Floor Tiles

While there are many benefits to marble floor tiles, there are also some drawbacks. You should be aware of the following cons:

  • Acid stains – Because marble has an acid base to it, called alkalai, there can be a chemical reaction if an acidic substance spills on the tile. This can cause discoloration in the area where the spill occurred. You need to be careful with soda, vinegar, juice and some cleaning products.
  • Slippery – Many finishes of marble tile flooring is very slippery, so you need to be extra careful. You can purchase marble tile that has some slip resistance, so be sure to check with the manufacturer to see what they have available.
  • Cracks – Marble floor tile is resistant to moisture, but it can crack, break or get chips in it if hard items drop on the tile. It is durable, but not as hard as wood or other flooring types.

Care and Maintenance

The first thing to know about maintenance of marble tile flooring is that it needs to be sealed routinely. If you do not know how to seal it, contact a flooring expert to do it for you. It is an easy flooring to clean, usually just needing to be swept regularly. If you are going to mop and wash your flooring, be sure you choose a product that can be used on marble tile, which does not contain acid.


19 December 2014