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Common Questions Concerning Hiring A Professional Lawn Care Service

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With everything you have going on in life, making time every week to keep your lawn looking its best is not always in the schedule. While it is no big surprise that hiring a professional lawn care service is the easiest way to tackle this problem, many homeowners are not familiar with how the service works. By answering a few of the most common questions regarding lawn care services, you will likely see that this is the most logical solution available.

Will you have to be at home when your lawn is mowed?

The greatest thing about professional lawn care is you can employ the service and not have to have any further interaction unless something needs your attention. The professionals like those from Pro-Tech Lawn Care will come to your home and take care of the lawn without you being present.

Why do most lawn care services require a contract agreement?

The contract agreement that you sign with a professional lawn are service is designed to protect both you, and the professional you hire. This eliminates any confusion about payment or service schedule and ensures that the term of the intended service is clear. In situations where payment for services may be rendered in advance, a contract is always a good idea. This draws a definitive line as to what services will be performed and for how long.

Is mowing the only thing that will be handled?

When a professional lawn service is hired to take care of your grass, there will naturally be some things included in the process. Weed trimming and grass removal are a few of those examples. However, professional lawn care services often offer various other forms of service including:

  • Tree trimming
  • Shrub and greenery maintenance
  • Lawn fertilizing
  • Reseeding and aerating the lawn

Will your lawn have to be mowed every week?

This all depends on your preferences and the growth rate of your grass. If you live in a low-precipitation climate, your lawn may not grow as fast, and therefore, will not have to be mowed as often. In most cases, your lawn care provider will work out a schedule that works for your lawn care needs.

Opting to employ the services of a lawn care professional can free up several hours of your time every week. Further, you can save money on costly lawn care equipment. Be sure you take some time to talk to a lawn care professional about how they can help you take care of the landscape of you property.



25 January 2015