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When our family first moved into our home five years ago, the central heating and air unit were brand new. We never considered that there would be a time when it would not be operating as we wanted it to. When the time to buy a new unit came, we found that the available options were more diverse than we thought. It was all too confusing. After researching the different options, I decided to create this blog. My hope is that others who are faced with this decision can find easy-to-understand information that can aid in quickly making an informed decision.

4 Tips To Prepare Your Home For Spring Allergy Season


As the warmer months approach, you and your household are probably ready for the higher temperatures and beautiful springtime blooms. One thing that you might not be prepared for, however, are the allergy symptoms that can come along with the spring. Luckily, following these four tips will help you prepare your home so that you can combat springtime allergies and enjoy the weather without having to worry about all of these uncomfortable symptoms.

  1. Have Your Air Conditioning Unit Cleaned
    With a lot of use, your air conditioning system will eventually accumulate a lot of dust and debris, which can trigger your allergy symptoms. Before turning on your air conditioner this season, consider hiring an air conditioning repair company to come out and get rid of all of this dust. Plus, this will give you a chance to have your unit maintained and inspected to ensure that it will work properly at filtering the air in your home this season.
  2. Swap Out Your Air Filter
    Swap out the air filter in your air conditioning unit before the spring season hits. You can look for filters that are designed for use by allergy sufferers; although they might cost a little more, they can last longer and can do a better job of filtering out the air in your home. When shopping, go ahead and buy a few extras so that you can quickly and easily change your filter throughout allergy season. Along with helping to keep allergens out of your home, swapping your air filter regularly will also help keep your air conditioner in good condition, which can help prevent costly repairs and can even save you money on your electric bill.
  3. Invest in an Air Purifier
    For the worst of allergy sufferers, and air purifier can be a smart idea. You can have a purification system installed on your entire HVAC unit, or you can invest in a standalone unit that you can keep in your bedroom or living room. These systems help filter out the air and can help get rid of allergens before they cause you to have any uncomfortable symptoms.
  4. Get Rid of Your Door Mat
    It might seem like a smart idea to keep a mat at your door to catch snow and mud during the winter months, but it might not be such a good idea during the spring. If you have a door mat inside, it can encourage people to track in dirt and allergens on their shoes. Instead, keep your mat outdoors, and consider asking friends and family members to kick off their shoes before entering your home.

As you can see, there are ways that you can prepare your home for the spring season to help keep your allergy symptoms to a minimum. Follow these tips, and you're sure to enjoy more comfort this year. For more information, contact a professional like Advanced Heating & Cooling.


4 March 2015