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Dodging Misshaps By Understanding Garage Door Failure Points

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If you're using a powered, electric garage door, there are a few complex points of failure that may send you to the parts store if you're not careful. From motor failure to problems with the electrical switches, there are a few different wiring and part replacement points that you need to be aware of. A few inspection and troubleshooting techniques can help you fix the failure as soon as possible or at least know what to expect from installers and repair professionals.

Motor Failure May Be Permanent

Many electrical garage doors are powered by a motor attached to a gear system. The gear system is responsible for moving the door up and down a set or rails or turning a cylinder that releases a rolling sectional garage door from its casing.

The motor is prone to overheating if its path is blocked. Dust, debris, or rust from an exposed protective casing can cause the gears to lock in place, forcing the motor to attempt to turn even if there is no progress. Unfortunately, if the motor is completely burned out, you'll need to get a new motor or an entirely new gear system.

For many power-driven garage door models, the motor may be a relatively inexpensive part. The labor may cost more, but if you're reasonably handy with machines or electronics you may be able to perform the installation on your own. Be sure to look through the manual for the garage door and research any schematics that may be available before attempting such a fix.

If in doubt, contact a garage door maintenance professional.

Keep An Eye On Wiring

For the motor and the switch to raise or lower the garage door, a set of wires are used to send different instructions. Depending on the wire placement and the sophistication of the garage door, you may have instructions such as turn on, turn off, raise door, lower door, lock, or unlock. Many more options are available with more complex (and often more expensive) garage door models.

The wiring usually follows a specific wiring color code. Be sure to look at the wiring carefully and take note or pictures before changing anything. Instead of having to look up wire placement or ask the manufacturer, you'll be able to replace the wires by purchasing the same colors and matching them.

Be sure to turn off the power before performing any electrical maintenance. Make sure to buy some electrical tape to cover any exposed wiring and consider using a pair of wire cutters if anything hangs out of the switch or motor gear box proper. Contact a garage door maintenance professional like Virginia Door Inc if you need any assistance.


7 April 2015