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Reasons To Protect Your Driveway With A Sealcoat

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Asphalt is one the least expensive ways to create a solid surface for a driveway, and while asphalt will perform well in many climates, it is not impervious to the elements. Over time, the sun can bake the asphalt in your driveway and make it brittle. Water can freeze on your driveway and create cracks and potholes. If left alone, the elements can completely destroy your driveway. In order to protect your driveway, you need to have your driveway seal coated. 

How a Sealcoat Protects Your Driveway

You can tell how much the sun is affecting your driveway by paying attention to the color of your driveway. As the sun bakes the volatiles that make your driveway supple enough to expand and contract with changes in the temperature, your driveway will first start to fade to brown and then grey. Once the volatiles are gone, your driveway is susceptible to frost wedging.

As water freezes on the driveway, it can push the pebbles that make up the driveway apart until cracks start to form. The water can then work its way into the cracks and make them worse. Over time, the weather can completely destroy your driveway.

Covering your driveway with a sealcoat will create a protective layer between the sun's harmful rays and your driveway. A sealcoat will also repel water before it has a chance to get down into the spaces between the pebbles in your driveway. While the sealcoat will deteriorate over time, the underlying asphalt won't. In this way, a sealcoat can extend the life of your driveway by many years. 

Preparing Your Driveway for a Sealcoat

In order for your sealcoat to be effective, you need to make sure you carefully prepare your driveway so that your sealcoat has a chance to bond with your driveway. Your first step should be to pressure wash your driveway. You could sweep dirt off of your driveway, but pressure washing will help you get dirt that you could miss with a broom. You then need to fill any cracks in your driveway with a rubberized crack-filling compound. Finally, you need to cover any oil, gas, or chemical spills with a coat of primer. You are then ready to paint on a layer of sealcoat. 

Sealcoating a driveway is not super complicated, but it can be hard work. It is a good goal to sealcoat your driveway on your own, but it you feel like the work is too demanding, you can hire professionals to do the work for you. Whether you do the work on your own or you call in a professional, protecting your driveway will help you to save money by delaying the day when you have to replace your driveway. For more information, contact a business such as Stritar Seal Coating.


21 May 2015