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3 Garage Door Problems You Should Have A Professional Repair

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Automatic garage doors will have problems from time to time. While you are able to fix some minor issues on your own, there are bigger issues that are best left to a professional. If one of these three problems happens to your garage door, you should think twice about attempting the repair on your own.

Spring Replacement

A garage door spring replacement may seem like a job that you can do by yourself, but it can be quite dangerous if you do it incorrectly. This is because garage door springs require a high amount of tension in order for them to work. Remove or replace a spring incorrectly, and it's possible that the spring can snap and cause a serious injury to you or anybody else standing around you.

If the garage door spring has lost a lot of tension over the years, or is rusting quite bad and needs replacement, have a garage door repair company fix it for you.

Safety Cable Replacement

Even if the spring is in good condition, there may be a problem with the safety cable that goes inside the spring. This cable is a cheap part, but is another area of your garage door that is dangerous to replace on your own. The purpose of the cable to is prevent the spring from causing injury if it comes off the garage door, and replacing the safety cable will require removing that very spring.

Having a working safety cable is important, but replacing the safety cable can potentially cause an injury if you do not know what you are doing.

Track Replacement

The track of a garage door can gradually bend from normal wear and tear, which will require replacement. The hardest part of this repair to get right on your own is the angle of the replacement track. Get the angle wrong and it could actually cause more damage to the garage door itself during daily use.

This is because the door could be moving along a track that is slightly off, causing the door to tilt to one side and bend in an unnatural way. The track may not be properly supporting the weight of the garage door when it is open, causing the lift mechanism to be put under unnecessary wear and tear.

Hiring a professional will also guarantee the work. If you notice the repair was not done correctly, you can feel confident that it will be fixed at no additional cost to you.

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16 July 2015