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When our family first moved into our home five years ago, the central heating and air unit were brand new. We never considered that there would be a time when it would not be operating as we wanted it to. When the time to buy a new unit came, we found that the available options were more diverse than we thought. It was all too confusing. After researching the different options, I decided to create this blog. My hope is that others who are faced with this decision can find easy-to-understand information that can aid in quickly making an informed decision.

Three Decor Ideas To An Upscale Look To Your Enclosed Porch

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Enclosed porches don't have to be a plain screened-in area. With a few unique decorating touches and the right windows, you can create a stunning enclosed porch your family can enjoy year-round. Here are just a few ways to create an upscale, elegant look for our home:

Add French Doors

When considering window installation for your enclosed porch, don't limit yourself to traditional windows with removable screens. Add French doors and floor-to-ceiling French casement windows to create a breathtaking look that drenches your room with sunlight while keeping the cold, wind and rain out.

Add sheer curtains for a breezy look, and consider marble-style floor tiles to complement the windows. Furnish your space with a chaise lounge, a cozy armchair and a few side tables to create a beautiful seating area.

Create A Vaulted Ceiling Porch

If you own a two-story home, you can build a two-story enclosed porch to create a grand look that is sure to impress guests. Talk to your window contractor about building a wall of windows on each side of the porch area that reach to the top of your roofline. You can opt for a glass ceiling to match, or you can have your contractor build an extension to your roof to create a seamless look.

Once this project is completed, add large indoor plants and trees to bring the look of nature indoors. Furnish the area with upscale wicker living room furniture and vibrant printed pillows to give your enclosed porch a tropical garden theme.

Give Your Porch A Cape Cod Look

For homes near the beach, a stunning Cape Cod look might be perfect for your house. Your window installation choices should include simple yet elegant double-hung windows with white frames. Underneath the windows, add board-and-batten wainscoting to complement the look of your windows.

Consider a sliding French door for an upscale finish, or opt for a screen door with a distressed wood frame to add a rustic feel to the space. The walls and the floor should be whitewashed to give the room that beachfront look. Introduce color to the space with Caribbean-inspired rugs and upholstered patio furniture.

If you are planning to build or remodel an enclosed porch, consider upgrading the look with these elegant decorating ideas. Talk to your contractor about window installation concepts that match your chosen theme, and create the perfect space for resting and relaxing at home. As well, try contacting a company like Smith K L Inc. to learn more.


29 July 2015