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Make Clearing Your Driveway Easier With These 3 Snow Removal Tips

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When you wake up one morning, you may look outside to find everything has turned white from snowfall overnight. Since you may still have to go to work, you may cringe at the thought of shoveling your way out of the driveway. If so, use the following three snow removal tips for making the process easier.

Use A Push Broom For Light Snow Accumulation

After stepping outside, take note of the amount of snow on the ground. If it is less than an inch, you may not need to pull out your snow shovel at all. Using a push broom to sweep away light snow accumulation can be easier and faster than using a snow shovel. Plus, the broom will not gouge your driveway's surface as you try to scrape off a thin layer of snow.

However, using a broom only works well when the snow is dry and dusty. If you find that the snow is wet, a broom may do more harm than good by packing the snow down. To determine if this is the case, pick up a small handful and try to make a snowball. If the ball sticks together, you will need to get your broom out. If the snow does not form a ball, use the broom.

Spray Your Snow Shovel With Cooking Spray

For wet snow and accumulations more than an inch, you are going to need to use your shovel. To lessen the amount of snow sticking to the shovel, spray the shovel's surface with cooking oil spray. This creates a slippery film that allows the snow to slide off easily so you don't have to keep lifting the same snow while you pick up new loads.

Spray the shovel heavily with the cooking oil before you begin. Then, if you notice snow starting to stick to the surface, clean it off with your gloved hand or rag, and spray it a second time. Repeat until your driveway is cleared.

Work In Layers

While shoveling snow in your driveway, make sure you work in layers. Although it is advisable to wear layers of clothing to keep warm, this applies to the snow as well as to you. Shovel small amounts of snow at a time, skimming a couple of inches off the top. This way, you are not putting undue stress on your back, especially while shoveling large amounts of wet snow.

Using the above tips can help you dig through the snow without too much aggravation. However, if your area has suffered from significant snowfall, or your driveway is extremely long, you may want to contact a snow removal service (like AP Enterprises Property Services) to discuss any options available to you.


11 December 2015