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What You Need To Know About Landscaping Your Yard With Rocks

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Using rocks to landscape a yard is a great idea. Many homeowners choose rocks because they last forever, they look nice, and it can be affordable. If you choose to use rocks for your landscaping, there are some things that you need to know to get the best results possible. Here are some tips.

1. Tamp The Soil

One of the first things you need to do before you start landscaping with rocks is to make the dirt completely even. If you choose to put small rocks on an area, the even soil will play a major role in how successful you are in making it look right. For instance, if there are small hills around the soil, it will cause the rocks to fall and appear uneven. For this reason, you should always go through and rake the soil to evenly distribute it before you start.

Once you have got the soil evenly spread, you need to tamp it down. This means that you pat it forcefully so that the there is not a lot of room for weeds to get through. In fact, if you have tamped it correctly, water will even pool on the area. This will be critical to getting the look that you want.

2. Lay Ground Cover Before You Start

After you have tamped down the soil, you may think that is enough to keep the weeds from growing through the rocks. That is unfortunately not the case. In addition to caring for the soil, you need to put down some sort of ground cover before setting the rocks. This can be cardboard, plastic, or an industrial cover that you purchase at a home and garden store. This cover will not stop all the weeds from growing, but it will help to keep the weeds at bay so that they are manageable. 

3. Weed As Needed

After the ground cover has been laid and the soil has been tamped, you can put down the rocks. If you have small rocks, there is a good chance that weeds will come through, even with all your best efforts to prevent them. If you have large boulders, the weeds will not get enough sun or air to grow, but small rocks may still have a problem with weeds. Weeding a couple hours a week should be sufficient for upkeep.

If after trying these things you are not satisfied with your yard, you might consider hiring professionals to landscape your yard. For more tips, speak with a landscaping rocks installation company like El Gallo Trucking


24 June 2016