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Maintaining Your Garage Door: 3 Things To Do On A Regular Basis

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As a general rule, your garage door is dependable. It doesn't fail on you. In fact, it is so reliable that you tend to take it for granted. Well, that is until it ends up failing on you. Of course, when the technician comes out to your home, they inform you that failure could have easily been avoided had you followed a few simple maintenance checks on a regular basis. Here are three things that you can do regularly that will help reduce the chances of costly repairs and extend the life of your garage door:

1. Lubricate Any and All Moving Mechanisms.

When it comes to the safety and proper functioning of your garage door, you and lubricating oil need to be best friends. One of the things that you need to look out for is squeaking when you open or close your garage door. If you hear this noise, then you will need to apply the oil earlier than you normally would. There are different types of oil, such as a grease or a spray, and the type that you use will simply be based on your own individual preferences. When using the oil, make sure to lubricate everything that potentially moves, from the screws and small pieces of hardware to the springs and chains.

2. Inspect and Replace (If Necessary) the Weather-stripping.

The weather-stripping is the piece of rubber seal that is at the very bottom of your garage door. It is designed to keep weather elements outside of your garage. This includes rain, snow, sleet and melted ice. You will want to keep a close eye on the weather-stripping because when it starts to crack or look brittle, this means that it will be unable to do its job when duty calls. So, when you see that it is starting to wear, it is best to remove it and replace it immediately with brand new weather-stripping.

3. Tighten Down the Hardware.

Since your garage door is constantly moving, it makes sense that the hardware pieces will loosen with time. Therefore, you will want to ensure that you take the time to tighten them down on a regular basis. This is true if you aren't experiencing trouble with your door. You want to ensure that everyone is safe when in close proximity to the door. So, tighten down screws, bolts, roller brackets, etc.

In the event that your garage door does fail on you, don't hesitate to contact an experienced garage door technician in your area for professional assistance.

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11 July 2016