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Undermount Vs. Drop-In Kitchen Sink: Basics To Help You Decide


Remodeling your kitchen brings up many questions. One of those is do you want an undermount or drop-in kitchen sink? Choosing between them means you need to look into the pros and cons of both. Here are the basics of the two to help you make your decision.

What Are Drop-In and Undermount Sinks?

Drop-in sinks are also known as top-mount and self-rimming sinks. The top of the sink is visible and lips over the countertop. The main sink basin then drops into the countertop, which already has a section cut out ready for it. The lip is there to hold the sink, with metal clips to limit movement.

Undermount sinks don't have this visible rim, as it is installed underneath the counter. It still drops down but is installed upwards.

Is Your Countertop Space Small?

If you have a small kitchen and desperately need as much counter space as possible, an undermount sink is an excellent option. The countertop goes all the way up to the sink basin and sometimes goes past it. The drop-in sink means you sacrifice some space on top for the lip.

Drop-in sinks can come with the option of a draining board, too. You won't need to create space to add in a much-needed draining board when you do the dishes.

Are You Remodeling Yourself?

When keeping the cost down, you may choose to remodel your kitchen yourself. The drop-in sink is much easier to install, because there is little drilling involved. You can even buy countertops with the cut-out already there. If you need to do the cut-out, you'll need to make sure you get the measurements exact.

Undermounted sinks will require some drilling, which can put you behind schedule. This will depend on how handy you are around the house.

Which Cleaning-Ease Would You Prefer?

Drop-in sinks make basin cleaning much easier. You're able to see the rim, unlike the undermounted options. Food particles and liquids can get trapped in the undermounts, leading to bacteria and mold growth.

On the other hand, cleaning the countertops is much easier with undermounted sinks. You just have to sweep across the counter and into the sink, allowing your filter to collect food waste. There's no lip where some particles can get trapped and you need a toothbrush to get into.

What do you want from your kitchen sink? Think about the size of your kitchen and what you want to get out of the room. This will help you choose between drop-in or undermounted sinks. For more information, contact professionals like Midwestern Plumbing Service.


27 July 2016