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Three Things To Consider When You're Deciding Where A New Living Room's Windows Will Be

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When you're designing a new home from scratch, making sure that everything in the living room will be in order is extremely important. In particular, even if you buy brand new furniture to stock your living room, the look of the room can easily be ruined by poor window placement. Therefore, remember to consider these three things when you're deciding where a living room's windows will be.

The Path The Sun Takes Across The Sky

Reducing the glare caused by sunlight is always an important consideration during the home design process. It's especially important for the living room because it's where any guests you bring over will spend most of their time. While you can tint your windows to reduce glare, this will make the view outside less colorful and less natural.

So try to make most of the windows in your living room face either north or south. If this isn't possible, at least have most of them face east to avoid a glare problem late in the afternoon. After all, you and your guests are more likely to lounge in your living room late in the afternoon instead of early in the morning.

The Positions Of Trees On The Border Of Your Lot

In general, your living room's windows will need lots of empty space in front of them to provide an excellent view. If there are lots of tall and thick trees on one side of your lot's border, and you have your windows face them, the overall aesthetic value of your living room will greatly suffer.

If you can't arrange to get the trees cut down, make the windows in your living room face your patio and backyard. Even if there are more thick trees at the end of the backyard, you can at least use the windows to monitor a pet dog or child.

The Position Of The New Home's Driveway And Garage

To make sitting in your living room as irritating as possible, all you have to do is arrange it so that most of the room's windows face the street or a driveway. The last thing you want while watching TV is to get distracted by passing cars and bikes.

Even a sidewalk can be annoying to look at because of all the passing pedestrians. Therefore, if you can at all help it, try to position your living room in the back of your new home. This way, the living room won't be right next to the street your property is connected to and you won't have to face this particular predicament.


27 September 2016