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When our family first moved into our home five years ago, the central heating and air unit were brand new. We never considered that there would be a time when it would not be operating as we wanted it to. When the time to buy a new unit came, we found that the available options were more diverse than we thought. It was all too confusing. After researching the different options, I decided to create this blog. My hope is that others who are faced with this decision can find easy-to-understand information that can aid in quickly making an informed decision.

Constructing a New Roof? Two Tips to Help You Choose the Right Material

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When you're constructing a new roof, the most important decision you'll have to make is what material you will use. You need a material that is going to be durable because you want your investment to be well worth it. Although you may be thinking that price is the central factor, it's vital that you look beyond the initial cost because that may not be the main concern in the long run. Use this information to learn more about two tips that can help you choose the right material for your new roof.

Consider Local Climate Conditions

The first thing you want to do is factor in the climate conditions in your community. A material that may be perfect for one setting may not work so well in a different one.

For example, you may reside in a part of the country that is prone to wildfires. Because of this, you need a material that won't readily go up in flames if a random spark happens to blow past your house. Metal is a fire-resistant material that can make all the difference if wildfires do strike your town. Metal can possibly help to keep your house from becoming a matchbox 

Also, consider the weather in your area. If you live in a particularly hot locale, you need a roof that won't conduct as much heat. Some roofing materials radiate heat into your home while other materials deflect it. Metal and clay tiles are two materials that promote deflection. They are energy efficient and can help you save money on your energy expenses.

Consider the Foundation of Your Home

The foundation of your home was initially erected to support a certain amount of weight.  While you may be thinking about going with a heavier roofing material, the foundation of your home may not be strong enough to endure it.

If you choose a material that is too heavy for your foundation, you'll find that cracks begin to appear in your walls. Certain parts of the roof may start to sag, and you will likely need to replace the roof again.  Don't risk making a bad investment; have a contractor come out to evaluate your foundation before you make a final decision on which roofing material to go with.

Choosing the right roofing material doesn't have to be difficult if you just know what to look for.  Start using these tips immediately so you can select the roofing supplies that will be perfect for you.


3 January 2017