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Four Good Placements For A Fire Extinguisher In New Homes

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When you are building a new home, there are many codes that you have to be concerned about. Fire codes are some of the most serious. Your brand new builds must be inspected to ensure they meet the city codes for fire inspectors before there can be a certificate of occupancy. One thing that is necessary in all homes is a fire extinguisher. Here are four different places you should consider for a fire extinguisher. 

In the backyard

One of the places most will skip for a fire extinguisher is the backyard. The patio or balcony is actually an important space for a fire extinguisher, as people tend to grill or smoke outside in their yard. For this reason, there are a number of fire hazards in the backyard. A fire extinguisher should be placed on one of the walls of the backyard to make sure that your family can put out fires that start due to cooking or smoking in the backyard.

Near the bathroom

One of the places where plugs are most likely to be overloaded is the bathroom. With hair appliances, electric razors, and other beauty supplies inside of a small space, this can be a hazard. Flat irons on certain surfaces can lead to the surface catching on fire or burning. Setting up a fire extinguisher with foam will help to put out fires due to heated appliances. 

Under the kitchen counter

The kitchen is the place where it is easiest for a fire to start. The oven or the stove may catch fire, along with the microwave. Place a fire extinguisher underneath one of the cabinets. Having the extinguisher under the cabinet is important because this will allow the person to dodge the rising heat and smoke by getting low to the ground. This also makes it possible for lit tle kids to get a fire extinguisher without having to attempt to reach high cabinets or a high setup. Kitchen safety is best when everyone has access to a foam extinguisher, therefore placing the mechanism under the counter is best. 

In the garage

It is not uncommon for something to happen to a car inside of the garage or to other electrical appliances stored inside of the garage. A good fire extinguisher will help to decrease the possibility of a garage fire that can spark other electrical wires quickly. A foam fire extinguisher behind glass in the garage will keep the storage area safe. 

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25 June 2017