A Guide to HVAC Units for the Amateur

When our family first moved into our home five years ago, the central heating and air unit were brand new. We never considered that there would be a time when it would not be operating as we wanted it to. When the time to buy a new unit came, we found that the available options were more diverse than we thought. It was all too confusing. After researching the different options, I decided to create this blog. My hope is that others who are faced with this decision can find easy-to-understand information that can aid in quickly making an informed decision.

3 Tips For Keeping Things Clean When Remodeling Your Home


Remodeling your home, while you continue to live it, can be a challenge. One of the biggest challenges created when remodeling your home is keeping everything clean. With the right organization and cleaning strategy in place, you can keep your home clean as it is remodeled.

1. Rent a Dumpster

The first thing you need to do is make sure that there is a place for all the trash and junk that is generated from a remodeling project to go. On the first day of the remodel, you want to have a dumpster dropped off. That way, from the very beginning, the expectation is set on where all the trash should go. Providing a dumpster from the beginning, and insisting that it be used, will go a long way towards keeping your place clean.

Keep an eye on your dumpster. If it gets close to the fill line, call the garbage company and have them come out and pick up the dumpster and bring a new one out. You don't want to overfill the dumpster; that is not safe and could result in additional fees for you.

2. Get a Shop Vacuum

Second, construction projects can create a lot of dust. That dust can easily creep outside of the construction area and into the rest of your home if you are not careful. At the end of each day, clean up the construction area with a shop vacuum. Just take a few minutes to clean up the space and get rid of the dust that was generated that day. Encourage and ask your contractors to clean up with the shop vacuum as they work. If you stress to the contractors the importance of keeping the place clean, they are more likely to follow suit and help you keep the space clean.

3. Set Up a Space for Packaging You Want to Keep

When you are remodeling, sometimes you want to keep some of that packaging. If you want to keep the packaging for the new floors that you had installed, or the countertops, set up a designated box for one piece of packaging for each item installed. For example, you don't need to keep the box for each box of flooring, but having a box of one packaging of flooring will let you know what to look for if you ever need to replace that flooring.

At the end of the project, you can take pictures of all the packaging and save the pictures as a reference and get rid of the rest of the packaging. Setting up a space and expectations for what you want to save will eliminate questions about what to save and will help streamline the process of throwing away trash.

When doing a remodel, if you want to keep the place clean, you need to provide the tools and set-up the expectations of cleanliness. Rent a dumpster and have it ready for the start of the project. Keep a shop vacuum on hand and use it at the end of every day to keep things clean. Set up a box or space for packaging that you want to keep as a reference, and document that packaging before you finally get rid of it. Setting up these expectations will help ensure that your space is livable as you remodel it.

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23 April 2018