4 Must-Have Additions For Your Shower

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If you're tired of shampoo bottles cluttering the side of your tub or feel like your soap constantly winds up on the floor of your shower, it's time to create a shower space that better suits your needs. Whether you want to upgrade your existing space or install a new shower, these must-have additions belong in your bathroom. 1. A Soap Dish A soap dish is a simple addition that ensures your bar of soap always has a dedicated spot.

22 March 2019

4 Reasons To Use A House-Raising Service

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House raising is the process of physically removing a house from its foundation and elevating it through the use of a platform or other construction. Why would a homeowner want to do this? Here are a number of reasons why you might want to consider calling a company that offers house-raising services today.  Your Area Frequently Gets Floods Does it seem like there's another warning sounding off on your TV almost every day during the worst of flood season?

25 February 2019

3 Advantages Of Installing Timber Roof Trusses In Your Home

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When you are building a home, you need to decide what type of roof system you want to have in place. One of the most popular roof systems are roof trusses that are made out of engineered timber. There are many distinct advantages of installing timber roof trusses on your home. #1 Save Materials Trusses are made using parts that are prefabricated. Each roofing piece is designed in advance. The prefabrication process helps to ensure that the wood is used in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

9 January 2019

Awesome Reasons Asphalt Is An Excellent Choice For Parking Lots


Do you own a commercial property that is in need of repairs? The longer you ignore these signs you may end up with a parking lot replacement service being needed. Cracks are one of the most overlooked type of parking lot damage. Many property owners do not realize that overlooked cracks can expand and lead to more serious damages. This is a costly expense that could be avoided by ensuring parking lot repairs and inspections on your property.

30 November 2018

Four Reasons To Install A Water Softener


Water softeners are designed to neutralize hard water, hence their name. Hard water is water that has dissolved minerals that form into a hard sediment within your pipes and on your water fixtures, which can have a huge effect on the performance of your home's plumbing system. Understanding some of the major benefits associated with a water softener can help you figure out if installing one is the best choice for your plumbing needs.

15 October 2018

Tap Water Quality Changes Over Time. Here's How To Ensure Your Drinking Water Is Healthy

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If you've ever had someone complaining that the taste of their tap water isn't what it used to be and thought it was all just in their head, you may be surprised to know that they might be right. The quality of water that goes into American homes has changed a lot over the years, and more Americans are starting to worry about the quality of the water they drink and you should too.

6 September 2018

How To Turn Your Home Into A Mid-Century Dream

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Hipsters, millennials, and trendy people alike have all started to fall in love with all things mid-century. As a type of design that has several sleek and modern elements to it, mid-century homes can sometimes be hard to come by. If you just recently bought a new home and want to turn it into a little bit of a mid-century dream, then these tips will help you, but for starters, make sure that your home is at least a ranch style home or that it has mid-century bones already to work with.

22 July 2018

Basement Installation 101: A Guide For Customers Having A New Home Built


There are all kinds of options you will be considering if you decide to have a brand new house built on your piece of property. One of the biggest decisions you will have to make is if you want your house set atop a concrete foundation or a basement. A basement construction is something that can make the home-building project take a little longer, but it is well worth it to a lot of homeowners.

8 June 2018

3 Tips For Keeping Things Clean When Remodeling Your Home


Remodeling your home, while you continue to live it, can be a challenge. One of the biggest challenges created when remodeling your home is keeping everything clean. With the right organization and cleaning strategy in place, you can keep your home clean as it is remodeled. 1. Rent a Dumpster The first thing you need to do is make sure that there is a place for all the trash and junk that is generated from a remodeling project to go.

23 April 2018

3 Faqs Regarding Insulation

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Your walls, ceiling and attic is filled with insulation to help prevent the transfer of heat, keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. If you believe your home may not have enough insulation, adding more will help reducing your heating and cooling costs. Check out these three frequently asked questions regarding insulation. How Do You Know More Insulation Is Needed? If your home is older, it is likely you don't have enough insulation because heating and cooling was so affordable that contractors believed using more insulation would be a waste of money.

15 March 2018