Replacing That Old Garbage Disposal Unit

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It takes longer to get food scraps down the old garbage disposal unit and it's getting noisier while trying to do its job. If you replace your disposer with the same model, this is a DIY project that you can get done in a couple of hours. With a few simple tools, you'll soon have a quieter, more effective garbage disposal unit that you can count on for a number of years.

29 December 2015

Make Clearing Your Driveway Easier With These 3 Snow Removal Tips

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When you wake up one morning, you may look outside to find everything has turned white from snowfall overnight. Since you may still have to go to work, you may cringe at the thought of shoveling your way out of the driveway. If so, use the following three snow removal tips for making the process easier. Use A Push Broom For Light Snow Accumulation After stepping outside, take note of the amount of snow on the ground.

11 December 2015

Choosing Design Build For Your New Home

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The traditional construction model of hiring an architect and a general contractor to oversee your home often works reasonably well, although it does lead to having two potentially conflicting voices heading the construction of your home. A process that may work better for you is the design-build model. When you choose this construction method, you contract with one team to complete your home from the beginning. As a result, you eliminate potential sources of conflict and deal with only one company.

23 November 2015

Is It Time To Replace Your Windows?

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Do you need help determining whether or not it's time to replace your windows? While there is no answer that applies to every situation, the following guide can help you reach a final decision. Are Your Windows Becoming High Maintenance? Some types of windows require more work as they begin to age, especially if they have wooden frames. For example, it may be time to scrape and paint wooden frames if the old paint has begun to flake.

5 November 2015

Tips For Choosing A Plow For Your New Snow Removal Business

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If you live in an area that sees heavy snowfall every winter, breaking into the plowing business can be a lucrative investment. If you have a truck and you've been thinking about starting your own plowing business, there are a few things you'll want to consider first. Here are a few things you need to know before you rush out and buy a plow for that truck. Consider Your Truck

19 October 2015

Well Pump Failure: Diagnosing The Problem

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Well pumps can fail for a number of reasons, but not all causes of failure require a new well pump to be installed. Before you arrange for new well pump installation, use these troubleshooting tips to help resolve the issue quickly and with little cost to you. No Power To The Pump The first thing you should check if there is no power to your well pump is your breaker box.

5 October 2015

When Do You Need An ALTA Survey?

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If you're in the middle of a major real estate transaction and have been told that you need to obtain an ALTA survey, one of your first questions may be, what is an ALTA survey and why is one necessary? ALTA surveys represent a major undertaking in the world of map making and surveying. Although you may be required to provide an ALTA survey for insurance purposes, you may find that owning such a survey has many benefits when you decide to make upgrades to the property.

17 September 2015

Leveling Your Property to Prevent Standing Pools of Water: How Land Surveying Plays a Part

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If you own property, you may find that there are low areas in your yard that collect water in the warmer months. The dangers of those pools of still water include mosquitoes and mosquito larvae, which could be carrying everything from avian flu to malaria, depending on where you live. If you want to remove those low-lying areas and even out the lumps, a land surveyor can help in the following ways.

28 August 2015

Spilled Heating Oil On Your Basement Concrete Floor? How To Get It Cleaned Up


If you had an accident and spilled home heating oil on your basement concrete floor, how large the spill depends on what you need to do. If it is a large spill, you should contact the company that delivered the oil to you and report it. They will then report it to the proper authorities. If you have a smaller spill, you may be able to clean it up yourself. Absorbing the Oil

13 August 2015

Three Decor Ideas To An Upscale Look To Your Enclosed Porch

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Enclosed porches don't have to be a plain screened-in area. With a few unique decorating touches and the right windows, you can create a stunning enclosed porch your family can enjoy year-round. Here are just a few ways to create an upscale, elegant look for our home: Add French Doors When considering window installation for your enclosed porch, don't limit yourself to traditional windows with removable screens. Add French doors and floor-to-ceiling French casement windows to create a breathtaking look that drenches your room with sunlight while keeping the cold, wind and rain out.

29 July 2015